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Zachariah & John (peace be upon them)

Following is a brief summary about Zachariah & John (peace be upon them), interpreted from the Qur'ān.
Note: "John" is an anglicised name.  In Hebrew, he is known as Yohanan; and in Arabic, Yahyā (peace be upon him).
This is a mention of the mercy of your Lord to His servant Zakariyyā.  When he called to his Lord a private call [i.e., supplication].  He said, "My Lord, indeed my bones have weakened, and my head has filled with white, and never have I been unhappy [i.e., disappointed] in my supplication to You, my Lord.  Indeed, I fear the successors after me, and my wife has become barren, so give me from Yourself an heir who will inherit me [i.e. inherit religious knowledge and prophethood] and inherit from the family of Jacob.  And make him pleasing to You, my Lord."

He was told by God through the angels, "O Zakariyyā, indeed God gives you good tidings of a boy whose name will be Yahyā.  God has not given this name to any before."

He said, "My Lord, how will I have a boy when my wife has been barren and I have reached extreme old age?"

An angel said, "Thus it will be; your Lord says, 'It is easy for Me, for I created you before, while you were nothing.' "

(Al-Qur'ān, 19:2-9)


[God said], "O Yahyā, take the Scripture [i.e., adhere to it] with determination." And God gave him wisdom while yet a boy.  And made him sympathetic to people as a mercy from God, and pure from sins and righteous.  He was dutiful towards his parents, and he was neither arrogant nor disobedient (to Allâh or to his parents).  Peace be upon him the day he was born, the day he dies and the day he is raised alive [i.e., day of judgement].

(Al-Qur'ān, 19:12-15)