The Proof of Islām

It is from the teachings of Islām that "the onus of proof is upon the claimant"; so what is the poof that Islām is the truth?  The first video below is an introduction & overview and is essential viewing prior to examining the more detailed evidences presented in the later videos.  A basic understanding of Islām will be required to understand some of the terms in the videos below (please read the articles: "Reflect on Islām" and "The Qur'ān").

Did You Know...?
  • The correct pronunciation of Islām is 'isslaam' i.e. the 's' must not be pronounced like a 'z' and the 'a' is elongated.
  • The correct pronunciation of Muslim is 'musslim' i.e. the 's' must not be pronounced like a 'z'.
  • The correct pronunciation of Qur'ān is 'qur-aan' i.e. there is a medial pause after qur and the 'a' is elongated.  English example of medial pause occurs in the word co-operate.